Faraday Advance

future materials for low pollution, high efficiency, cost effective transport:

  • Increasing the impact of science on business
  • Building teams to meet industry needs
  • Promoting young engineers and scientists
  • Technology road-mapping
  • A spectrum of services from idea to profit
  • Integration and support
  • Engaging industry in science and engineering

Our Core Partners
Oxford, Oxford Brookes and Cranfield Universities, MIRA Ltd, The Oxford Trust and Business Link

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Over 100 companies.

SPRINTCar – show casing innovative technologies for the automotive industry
WINGNet – recycling and re-use in the aerospace industry
DRIVENet – recycling, re-use and end of vehicle life issue in the automotive sector
Magnesium and light weight alloys



Surface Engineering and Joining in the Automotive Industry more


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    Advanced Aerospace Joining

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    Lean Weight Vehicles 7 Conference

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